100 Things About Me

I found this idea on another blog and thought it was fun.  So here it goes.  It is not quite finished.

1.  I am a Christian.

2.  I grew up as the middle child of 5.  I have one of each (older sister, older brother, younger sister, younger brother.)  Later I discovered an older half-brother that had been adopted out of the family.

3.  I was raised be an amazing mother.

4.  My parents divorced when I was 4 and I rarely saw my father.

5.  My father died in 1992.

6.  I graduated with an Elementary Education major from college.  I am also licensed to teach speech and theatre.

7.  I married a pretty neat guy.

8.  I am the mother of three beautiful boys.  Two that are just entering their teen years (13 and 14) and one toddler.

9.  I teach 2nd grade, but have taught babies to 9th graders.

10.  I am a better resource finder than teacher.

11. I am passionate.

12.  I generally believe that I am right and that I am pretty smart.  (So, consequently, I think people should listen to my opinions.)

13.  I am afraid of Dalmatians and taxidermied animals.

14.  I grew up poor.  (Single mom, 5 kids.  I watched as she was on welfare putting herself through college twice to become an RN.  She was awesome.)

15.  I over volunteer at a Children’s Theatre.  I am on the Board of Directors and spent 3 years as the President.

16.  I think I am pretty and have good hair.

17.  I wear bangs most of the time to cover the serious wrinkles in my forehead from the, “Are you serious?” look that I give students.

18.  I am overweight.  Currently about 30 pounds, but I have lost 100 thanks to gastric bypass surgery.

19.  My boys have ADHD and one is on the Autism spectrum.

20.  I have AMAZING friends. 

21.  I am outgoing and shy.  🙂  It depends on the situation.

22.  I am a terrible money manager.

23.  I love to craft, but don’t do it very well.

24.  I waste a lot of time on the computer.

25.  I worry too much about housework.

26.  I have a dog, cat, and a guinea pig (oops, guinea pig died).

27.  There are many things I like the idea of, but not the application, i.e. camping, gardening, exercising, cooking, etc…

28.  I like to bake.

29.  Sometimes I’m not easy to get along with (see #12.)

30.  I want to write a book.

31.  I sing…a lot.

32.  I am postally challenged.  If I have to mail it, it won’t happen.

33.  I am old-fashioned about a lot of things.

34.  I like Sudoku.

35.  I have a hard time sitting and watching movies at home.

36.  I am constantly trying to declutter, but then I go to the store.

37.  I am self-reflective.

38.  Suzanne knows me better than anyone, with the exception of my husband.

39.  I love Netflix for cable reality TV.

40.  I was a nanny in New Jersey.

41.  I have a nasty temper.

42.  I am more judgemental than I like.

43.  I am not that fond of summer or winter.  I love spring and fall.

44.  I used to be nicer.

45.  I am a survivor of domestic violence.  (NOT my husband, but an old boyfriend.)

46.  I am a good teacher.

47.  Purple is currently my favorite color.

48.  Parenthood is currently my favorite show.

49.  If I had a daughter she would have been named Aslan Aurora.  Aslan from The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.  Aurora from Aurora Leigh.

50.  I have big feet, size 11.

51.  I don’t like teaching Sunday School.

52.  I seriously have anxiety attacks at Bass Pro Shop (see #13.)

53.  My favorite family phots are the ones where we are all dressed in some themed costuming (for example the civil war period.)

54.  I love to read outloud in strange voices.

55.  I’ve met an incredible number of famous people considering I live in Iowa.

56.  I have notebooks of “soap operas” that my friends and I wrote in high school.  Typically I was the love interest of Simon LeBon of Duran Duran.

57.  I would have failed Music Reading Skills in college, but I dropped the course.

58.  I have went skydiving.

59.  My sister threw a butter knife at me for stealing a bite of her toast.  I have the scar to prove it.

60.  I went to college with a theatre scholarship.

61.  I love the HBO series Dead Like Me, and am sad it’s over.

62.  I do not like teaching science or art, because they are too messy.

63.  I have a tatoo.

64.  I love cold chili and cold spaghetti for breakfast.

65.  I no longer drink soda–ever.  It makes me ill.

66.  I dated 2 guys with the same uncommon last name, and ended up marrying one of them. No they were not related.  They spelled it differently.

67.  I can’t speak Spanish although I’ve tried to learn and my stepfather was Hispanic.

68.  I love Karman Ghia convertibles.

69.  I think I’m funny. 🙂

70.  I’m not afraid to speak my mind–usually.

71. My friends say one of my gifts is discernment.  I’m not sure.

72.  I am a video game junkie.  I love games like The Sims, Fairy Godmother Tycoon, Sally’s Salon, and well you get the picture. 73.  I used to watch soap operas, but haven’t since my kids were born. (Nor the desire)

74.  I am not tolerant of people that play the victim.

75.  My dog ate my retainer and now my teeth are messed up again.

76.  I have always secretly loved paper dolls.

77.  I can’t keep a check book.

78. I am addicted to Facebook.

79.  I am terrible about keeping up relationships.  (This would be one reason I love Facebook!)

80.  I have never worn a watch.

81.  I’m afraid of needles and so I got a tatoo.  I am afraid of heights and so I went skydiving.  (Both the same summer.)

82.  I’m really not an animal person, but have 2 pets. I probably won’t replace the cat when she passes, and maybe or maybe not the dog.

83.  The best desert I wish I had never shared was in Galena, Illinois.  It was White Chocolate Mousse cannoli with raspberry Sauce.

84.  I make an awesome  mocha pecan pie.

85.  I have a secret wish that my guys will clean the house (the whole house) just once without me having to tell them too.

86.  I have issues with not having a clean house.

87.  I don’t like the circus.  I’m sure someone is going to die in front of me.  It gives me anxiety attacks.

88.  I love it when people are able to think for themselves.  (I think this is from guiding so many kids all day long.  Why do they bring me a pencil that they found on the floor and ask what to do with it?)

89.  People think I am more computer savvy than I really am.

90.  I like pedicures.

91.  I also like a good massage.

92.  I’m not a morning person or a night owl.  I’m really more early afternoon.  🙂

93.  I can speak Openglopish, but I can’t understand it when people speak it to me.

94.  I lived for 7 years with a Hispanic (we called him a Mexican back in the 70’s) stepfather, but can’t speak any Spanish.  (This really sucks when you teach a mostly Hispanic class.)

95.  Although the first question I asked my students this year was, “Did you read this summer?”, I never read an actual book this summer.  I sort of skimmed a professional book.

96.  I’m too serious.

97.  I love dancing all by myself.

98.  I’m a lot more introverted than anyone EVER thinks.

99.  I hate filling out any kind of application and sending snail mail.

100.  I think life is too short.


3 thoughts on “100 Things About Me

  1. Hi, I love your 100 Things. I see that we have #s 21, 22, 27-30, 37-39, 41- 44, 54, 61, 69, 70, 71 ,74, 87 ,88, 97, 98 in common. I will keep reading to see what else we have in common.

  2. I don’t know if I could come up with 100 things about me. Congratulations! 🙂 I like to craft, too, but I am not very good. I have been a beginner at quilting, scrapbooking, and knitting/crocheting for over 20 years. I do it for the fellowship – I meet with other quilters and scapbookers about once a month. (I sometimes bring my knitting/crocheting to my quilters meetings).

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