Don’t you love it when you just seem to be “on!”

Yesterday was a fabulous day!  It was one of those days when everything was just perfect and I was getting all kinds of things done.  I feel so accomplished and relaxed.  An odd combination, but truly that was how I felt all day. 

I spent the morning in my kitchen.  I LOVE The Sneaky Chef cookbook!  I made the brainy brownies (complete with a bag of spinach, blueberries, wheat germ, wheat flour, and oatmeal.)  My youngest child LOVES these.  He could eat the whole pan.  This is significant, because he has sensory integration.  He refuses to eat most everything.  I was surprised though, because it has a slightly grainy texture.  Usually that is enough to not eat it.  However in this case, he will.

I also made chicken salad (which he wouldn’t even look at, let alone try!), a lettuce salad, cut up veggies, and strawberries.  On another blog a woman talked about putting veggies out on her table and her kids snacked on them all day long.  I tried it with celery (plus a little bowl of peanut butter) and strawberries.  They were mostly gone.  I will have to do that again.  (I know for a fact that the youngest didn’t touch a strawberry. 🙂 )

Then I tried freezer paper stenciling.  This is so COOL!  The first time I didn’t read the directions well and well it looks like it.  Then on my 2nd and 3rd I figured it out.  Ok, I read the directions and that helped significantly, but they look awesome!  You can find the directions here:


I got the idea from Soule Mama’s blog.  It is so easy and fun! It will be a great summer project for the boys.  I will upload a picture of my oldest’s shirt.  He thinks he’s a drummer. (Which makes me laugh, because he takes trombone lessons. However DH is a drummer and occasionally shows him how to play things.)

This alone would have made my day totally cool, but it didn’t stop there!  Midway through the day I took oldest son and we went to bowl.  He needed some quality mama time, and I had free passes.  We bowled one game, and ate nachos.  He was happy, and I was happy.

Most of the day the kids rode bikes, played with the neighbor, and an occasional video game (they are only allowed on weekends.)  Then the neighbor’s parents called.  We all decided to go out for pizza, and then came home to play Dutch Blitz.  Which if you have never played is an awesome game to play!  Everyone that we have introduced it to loves it!  It is slightly complicated, but my 10 year can play with no problems.

It really was a perfect day!  I need more of those.  We all need more of those.



Yikes! Helping with homework, again.

I swear next year I am not assigning homework anymore.  Ok, except for 20 minutes of reading a night.  Part of my youngest’s issues are handwriting.  Not uncommon for ADHD and PDD kids.  So needless to say, he has has a ton of writing to do.  Which really means that I have a lot of writing to do.  I am waiting for the day they finally breakdown and get him an alphasmart!  I asked for it 2 years ago, and due to the waiting list, he might get it next year.  UGH!  Wouldn’t it be great if we could actually get all children the tools they need to be successful? 

Real life, real kids

So I just read this beautiful blog on SouleMama (you should check her out).  She is talking about coming back from a weekend with her 5 year old and all the quality time they had.  I’m daydreaming of having some similiar time tonight with one of my sons.

At that moment my 10 year old son says, “Mom sometimes I pee my pants when I laugh or if I have to really go.”  I love my kids!  🙂

I had my say, and I said a lot.

As a teacher in a public school, I sometimes feel as though my voice is often not heard.  My school is low income with a high 2nd language population.  My school is a quiet neighborhood school.  Our parents tend to be rather quiet and slow to rock the boat.  Consequently, the other schools within our district get heard more frequently. 

Tonight we had an our meeting with on of the head guys from downtown.  He genuinely seemed interested.  He took notes, and seemed appalled when I told him how warm it gets in my classroom (if it is 80 degrees outside, it is 100 in my classroom.)  I think I dominated the conversation.  Not that the other teachers couldn’t speak, but I notice they often leave it to me to say what they are thinking.  I’m not afraid to rock the boat.  🙂 I do it well, and try to do it without offense. 

The true test will be if there are any changes.  It is hard to convince people that we need air conditioning when it has been winter for what seems like forever. 

My goals for my school:

  • modern air conditioning and heating system
  • updated lighting in our hallways (security issue-you can’t see who is at the end of the hallway.)
  • new tile (we are missing pieces of tile through out the building)
  • updated wiring to support technology and our phone services
  • smaller class sizes
  • planning time

Am I that unreasonable?

I hate it when it hits too close to home.

Today’s sermon was part of a series: Journey through the Gospel of John.  Pastor Craig challenged us, “How many of you are looking for truth…Or…are you just looking for evidence to support your already conceived notions about life?”  He used the scripture, John 7:10-36.  The point where people quit flocking to see the “Superstar” Jesus and when he starts requiring them to make changes in their lives. 

We all like being comfortable.  I have a hard time believing that I am wrong.  I usually believe that others are the ones unwilling to change and look for “truth.”  I am going to be doing some self-reflection on this in the upcoming week.  It always freaks me out when I feel like God is talking directly to me. 

“It is hard to invest in truth.”  Hmmmm…

Will I ever be the mother I want to be?

I read all these blogs by other women.  They are amazing.  They are earth-friendly, granola crunchy, creative, hands on moms.  I struggle trying to find the right balance.  I am a mom.  I am also employed full-time.  I also volunteer for a local children’s theatre (Ok, really it is a 2nd job that doesn’t pay.)  I run a parent support group for parents of children that are ADHD or on the autism spectrum.  I attend church faithfully, and am constantly trying to be a better Christian. 

At the moment the boys are sitting behind me….playing their Nintendo DS.  Instead of the homemade, healthy meal of organic food that I should prepare for them, I am going to make peanut butter, chocolate chip and banana pancakes (using Bisquick).  Course at the moment, my oldest is munching on chocolate skittles.  🙂

I’m not the perfect mom.  I may never be.  I am a good mom.  I love them with all my heart …even if they will be taking a lunchable to school next week.  🙂  I’m working on it and I will get better.

Strange Encounter

I saw an old friend.  We haven’t spoken since something really bad happened to her.  I tried, but she would never return my calls.  It was strange.  I wanted her to know that I loved her.  I don’t condone what she chose to do, but I am not condemning her either.  We said we will get together, and I really hope that we do.  Often people say that, but they don’t mean it. 

 I invited her to church.  I hope she comes

Working mom

I called my girlfriend that I walk with at 5 am.  I wanted to tell her that tomorrow I couldn’t.  She was telling me how exhausted she was from teaching in the classroom for a whole day.  She teaches part time normally.  It suddenly dawned on me that both of my friends that I walk with at that horrible hour only work part time.  One does a desk job and the other teaches reading one on one.  No wonder I always feel like I am falling behind.  I am the only one of the three of us that works full time and with 23 very busy 2nd graders!  Not to mention how busy I am with my two beautiful boys!