Will I ever be the mother I want to be?

I read all these blogs by other women.  They are amazing.  They are earth-friendly, granola crunchy, creative, hands on moms.  I struggle trying to find the right balance.  I am a mom.  I am also employed full-time.  I also volunteer for a local children’s theatre (Ok, really it is a 2nd job that doesn’t pay.)  I run a parent support group for parents of children that are ADHD or on the autism spectrum.  I attend church faithfully, and am constantly trying to be a better Christian. 

At the moment the boys are sitting behind me….playing their Nintendo DS.  Instead of the homemade, healthy meal of organic food that I should prepare for them, I am going to make peanut butter, chocolate chip and banana pancakes (using Bisquick).  Course at the moment, my oldest is munching on chocolate skittles.  🙂

I’m not the perfect mom.  I may never be.  I am a good mom.  I love them with all my heart …even if they will be taking a lunchable to school next week.  🙂  I’m working on it and I will get better.


One thought on “Will I ever be the mother I want to be?

  1. I love it! Feels good to know you’re not alone…so…know that you are not alone! Chocolate skittles..hmm..have yet to try those! And yes, guilty is my middle name when it comes to shoulda coulda woulda!
    I always tell myself, the sun will come up again tomorrow and it’s a whole new day, 24 hours to squeeze in all the things I want to do but only a few to spend with my kids so hopefully I find a balance and give ’em each a minute or two!

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