Working mom

I called my girlfriend that I walk with at 5 am.  I wanted to tell her that tomorrow I couldn’t.  She was telling me how exhausted she was from teaching in the classroom for a whole day.  She teaches part time normally.  It suddenly dawned on me that both of my friends that I walk with at that horrible hour only work part time.  One does a desk job and the other teaches reading one on one.  No wonder I always feel like I am falling behind.  I am the only one of the three of us that works full time and with 23 very busy 2nd graders!  Not to mention how busy I am with my two beautiful boys! 


2 thoughts on “Working mom

  1. AMEN, Sister!! I do NOT know how you do it!! I’ve tried it and it just doesn’t work well for me, and I had only did it teaching classroom for half of the day, with RR the other half and only 1 child of my own….I was wiped the year I did it. I admire all the hats you fill!! You are an inspiration to me to be a better mom. You are so creative with you children and you are fun to watch!! You help me stay grounded when I get crazy!! Thanks for being such an awesome friend!! By the way…..I’ve made it through all your blogs!! I’ve enjoyed them all so much….I found myself reading a few, then doing stuff around the house, going back to read more, as I couldn’t get enough!! Thanks for sharing your life!! This was the last blog I read, as I read them from most current to the oldest. I absolutely adored the comment that your dear hubby wrote about your trip to Pella for tulip days!! 🙂

  2. LOL Ok when you blog something like this and then you give that same friend your blogdress. It’s a good thing you love me!!!

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