I hate it when it hits too close to home.

Today’s sermon was part of a series: Journey through the Gospel of John.  Pastor Craig challenged us, “How many of you are looking for truth…Or…are you just looking for evidence to support your already conceived notions about life?”  He used the scripture, John 7:10-36.  The point where people quit flocking to see the “Superstar” Jesus and when he starts requiring them to make changes in their lives. 

We all like being comfortable.  I have a hard time believing that I am wrong.  I usually believe that others are the ones unwilling to change and look for “truth.”  I am going to be doing some self-reflection on this in the upcoming week.  It always freaks me out when I feel like God is talking directly to me. 

“It is hard to invest in truth.”  Hmmmm…


One thought on “I hate it when it hits too close to home.

  1. Miss Audrey says that everyone owns a piece of the truth. She also says there’s your story, my story, and the story untold (implied in between).

    Kristin says that most people drop out of counseling the minute they are required to make change. It’s gets too hard.

    I think this is a very salient issue for everyone. Are we willing to listen and even entertain another person’s version of the “truth”. Are we willing to change our truth? At what point is our “truth” also our mythology?

    Sounds like a great sermon.

    Here’s one: Allegedly (my Bible is OLD and was never a complete one) Jesus said that in order to lead, you had to be servant to all. We should look at our candidates in this light. Which one(s) are truly willing to serve the people, and only then, lead them?

    🙂 Have a good Sunday.

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