I had my say, and I said a lot.

As a teacher in a public school, I sometimes feel as though my voice is often not heard.  My school is low income with a high 2nd language population.  My school is a quiet neighborhood school.  Our parents tend to be rather quiet and slow to rock the boat.  Consequently, the other schools within our district get heard more frequently. 

Tonight we had an our meeting with on of the head guys from downtown.  He genuinely seemed interested.  He took notes, and seemed appalled when I told him how warm it gets in my classroom (if it is 80 degrees outside, it is 100 in my classroom.)  I think I dominated the conversation.  Not that the other teachers couldn’t speak, but I notice they often leave it to me to say what they are thinking.  I’m not afraid to rock the boat.  🙂 I do it well, and try to do it without offense. 

The true test will be if there are any changes.  It is hard to convince people that we need air conditioning when it has been winter for what seems like forever. 

My goals for my school:

  • modern air conditioning and heating system
  • updated lighting in our hallways (security issue-you can’t see who is at the end of the hallway.)
  • new tile (we are missing pieces of tile through out the building)
  • updated wiring to support technology and our phone services
  • smaller class sizes
  • planning time

Am I that unreasonable?


One thought on “I had my say, and I said a lot.

  1. Uh, yes. I can’t believe you’re married and have children. Didn’t you take the vow of poverty upon marriage (as in,”Aren’t you a nun?”), not to mention the “I don’t complain; I just suck it up” enhancement?

    LOL! It’s funny because your goals (safety, planning and support) are EXACTLY what it takes to make a good school.

    Keep talking. Only ~10% take the risk. We need you. 🙂

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