Don’t you love it when you just seem to be “on!”

Yesterday was a fabulous day!  It was one of those days when everything was just perfect and I was getting all kinds of things done.  I feel so accomplished and relaxed.  An odd combination, but truly that was how I felt all day. 

I spent the morning in my kitchen.  I LOVE The Sneaky Chef cookbook!  I made the brainy brownies (complete with a bag of spinach, blueberries, wheat germ, wheat flour, and oatmeal.)  My youngest child LOVES these.  He could eat the whole pan.  This is significant, because he has sensory integration.  He refuses to eat most everything.  I was surprised though, because it has a slightly grainy texture.  Usually that is enough to not eat it.  However in this case, he will.

I also made chicken salad (which he wouldn’t even look at, let alone try!), a lettuce salad, cut up veggies, and strawberries.  On another blog a woman talked about putting veggies out on her table and her kids snacked on them all day long.  I tried it with celery (plus a little bowl of peanut butter) and strawberries.  They were mostly gone.  I will have to do that again.  (I know for a fact that the youngest didn’t touch a strawberry. 🙂 )

Then I tried freezer paper stenciling.  This is so COOL!  The first time I didn’t read the directions well and well it looks like it.  Then on my 2nd and 3rd I figured it out.  Ok, I read the directions and that helped significantly, but they look awesome!  You can find the directions here:


I got the idea from Soule Mama’s blog.  It is so easy and fun! It will be a great summer project for the boys.  I will upload a picture of my oldest’s shirt.  He thinks he’s a drummer. (Which makes me laugh, because he takes trombone lessons. However DH is a drummer and occasionally shows him how to play things.)

This alone would have made my day totally cool, but it didn’t stop there!  Midway through the day I took oldest son and we went to bowl.  He needed some quality mama time, and I had free passes.  We bowled one game, and ate nachos.  He was happy, and I was happy.

Most of the day the kids rode bikes, played with the neighbor, and an occasional video game (they are only allowed on weekends.)  Then the neighbor’s parents called.  We all decided to go out for pizza, and then came home to play Dutch Blitz.  Which if you have never played is an awesome game to play!  Everyone that we have introduced it to loves it!  It is slightly complicated, but my 10 year can play with no problems.

It really was a perfect day!  I need more of those.  We all need more of those.



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