It’s all about the food, and usually it comes on a stick!

Since the moment I met my sweet husband I knew that he does not go to the fair (or anything similar) for any reason except the food.  He has been known to use the map to plan his entire day’s activities around where the food stands are located.  So my children are following in his footsteps!

We went to Tulip Time last night.  We did watch the dutch dancing, the glockenspiel, and even the night time parade (which by the way is very cool with all the lights on the floats–however, I was freezing my tushy off!)  But our primary purpose of the evening was definitely to eat as many different things as we could.  Ok, youngest child just wanted to eat cheese pizza, but he still knew his mission was food.  🙂

So on the way home the kids made a list of everything that we all ate:  pizza, corn dog, dutch ribbons (great curly potato chip things), some kind of a sausage we can’t pronounce, Pella bologna on a stick, dutch letters, cotton candy, dippin dots, and poffertjes.  Our favorite thing of the evening was definitely the poffertjes! 

Even youngest-I-only-eat-pizza-and-chocolate-son loved the poffertjes.  (Ok he eats a few more things than just pizza and chocolate, but he is incredibly picky!)  I am now thinking of buying a poffertjes pan to make this delicious tiny pancake like things at home.  We ate three platefuls of them last night. 

This site has both the pan and the recipe for these delectable little gems!  Unfortunately, we have a flat top electric stove so I would have to buy the $50 pan.  Hmmm…maybe a present for grandma?  Then we can invite ourselves to dinner! 

On a separate note it has been so freaking cold here for so long that most of the tulip haven’t bloomed yet!  I honestly don’t remember that ever happening.  We did find a few.



One thought on “It’s all about the food, and usually it comes on a stick!

  1. After reading what my main intentions were for going to Tulip Time. I realized my motivation for going was something other than food. It was pure nostalgia. The 1st time I experienced a night in Pella was at the Strawtown Inn for a birthday dinner party for mortician guy who probably worked on my Dad (I really didn’t want to know, so I didn’t ask.) that my Mom was dating. The whole night there I desperately wanted Cassie’s company to talk and gaze into her beautiful face. I was very uncomfortable admist great food and an obnoxious date of a friend of my Mom’s. She was really nice and if I could just talk to her I could have enjoyed a evening a tad bit more, but her date was a good old boy wanna be making fun of the bars my band played at. I can’t remember why, but Cassie had other plans that night and I was still too nervous to ask her to drop them, at the time I thought she was out of my league.

    A few months later we were dating pretty steady and she took Megan, Carston (who was the exchange student staying with the mortician guy my Mom was with. He was at the dreadful party, but was the opposite end of the table with 2o couples. He and I were stag that night, but not tonight.) and I to Tullip Time to see the night light parade. She bought me mini clogs that I hung around the mirror of my car. I totally fell for Cassie that night in Pella and that is what I remember everytime I’m in Pella. Thank you Central College for the love of my life.

    Something we had a good laugh over last night were the souvenirs the boys bought to remember Tullip Time. The extremely dutch webkin stuffed animals available only at Hallmark stores through out North America.

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