What I’m listening to right now

I love seeing what other people are listening to on their ipod, radio, computer, whatever…  So what are you listening to right now? 

Here’s my list:

Ben Folds Five–not new, but loving the song  “Best imitation of Myself” right now

Superchick–We Live

The View-Same Jeans  (this is an AWESOME song!)

The New Pornographers–Mass Romantic (wish they had a different name for their band, but great song!)

Fort Pastor-March Out  (they remind me a bit of the Bare Naked Ladies)

Ginny Owens–Simply Love You (It’s like she crawled in my brain, and wrote it for me.)

Brandi Carlile-The Story

B-52’s–Rock Lobster (my kids are loving this right now.)

Relient K–Give Until there is Nothing Else (really anything by these guys, but their 12 Days of Christmas is the best Christmas Song Ever!)

Darden Smith-Frankie and Sue (Old song, but just got it from itunes)


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