Mother’s Day-Not at all what I planned

I stayed up late last night trying to put the finishing touches to the gifts I made for all of the “mothers” in my family (my mom, mil, my sister–she babysits my boys, and my niece–it is her first Mother’s Day as a mom.)  I made all the gifts this year.  Some I am very proud of and some not so much. 

I got up very early.  My oldest was in a play at church, and in part of it they pull up all their moms.  As I walk into church my sister calls.  She says that our mama is sick and a little delirious.  She was going to check on her, but we were probably taking her to the hospital.  (My mama gets these raging infections in one of her arms.  It is due to the lymphadema that occurred from having a mastectomy.)  I explained that I needed to be at church, but call me if they were going to the hospital. 

Thirty minutes later my brother calls me and asks me to go to my mom’s.  So I leave church.  Sadly I only got to do the play once with my son.  In 2nd service he was motherless. 

At my mama’s I begin gathering her things, and trying to get her dressed.  She won’t let me get her dressed though because she is afraid that I will hurt my back.  So we wait another 45 minutes for my sister. 

I’ll push through the painful details.  So at 1:30 in the afternoon she gets a room.  That was pretty quick really.  They have her hooked up to an IV.  Her fever begins going down, and she begins making more sense.  The infection specialist believes it is a strep infection in her tissue from a cut in her arm.  This has happened before actually many times, but usually she catches it before it goes this far. 

All of my brothers and sisters (5 of us) and various other family members spent the day in the hospital.  I finally left around 6 and had to go to rehearsal.  I didn’t really get to spend much time with my boys, but they understand why.

I’m glad my mama is going to be OK.


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