The end of the school year is upon us

I realized today that it is almost the end of the school year.  I only have these children under my care for another 7 days.  That is not enough time!  Em is just learning her plus and minus 1’s (we have seriously worked on this ALL year!)  I finally have Beth working instead of melting.  Brian has learned enough of the English language that, “What does that mean?” is not said every other minute.  Jenny and Haden are reading long chapter books and COMPREHENDING them!  I have so much I want to teach them.  So much that they need to know!

We also divide them up and created new class lists for the 3rd grade teachers.  It is so hard!!!  What if they don’t listen to me about what they need.  What if the kids don’t respond to who I think they will.  What if I put two kids together that shouldn’t be in the same state?  My biggest concern is that they won’t love them as much as I do.  Of course, it is foolish of me to worry about this.  Both third grade teachers are very nice, and love their children as much as I love mine.  But they were mine first!  🙂

Seven days left.  Scratch one off for field day, another for 2nd grade day at the park, another for Camp Day, and another for packing up.  I really only have 3 good working days.  It’s not enough time.


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