Hitting the whole preteen thing pretty hard!

So my eldest child has decided that he is a teenager.  In reality he is 11 going on 12.  Thankfully he is still in elementary school for 1 more year!!!  But that doesn’t change the fact that we are entering a new phase of his life.  A phase I am not all that comfortable with. 

I had years of experience with kids before actually having one of my own.  However, I do not have a lot of experience with teenagers.  I subbed one day in a high school, and swore NEVER again.  They were rude and to be honest, they made me cry.  Seriously, they did, and I am not that much of a weinie.  They really were THAT awful!!!

Anyway I digress, so eldest child is asking to do things that I am not so comfortable with.  An example of this would be,  “Mom, do you care if I go with (insert girl’s name here) to the amusement park tomorrow?  Her mom will be in the park, but somewhere else.  We will have a cell phone.”  I said no.

Or this one, “Mom do you care if I go to the mall with (same girl and other friend).  Her mom will be a the mall, but we will be shopping at other stores.”  Um, yes.  I said no to this too.

Then there was this one, “Mom can I go to (insert local heavy metal radio station’s horrible music fest here) with (nope you are wrong!  Different girl and girl’s whole family?)”  He didn’t even wait for my answer.  He walked away as I was laughing.

Maybe that other mom gives more supervision than I think, but I’m not taking that chance.  I wonder if I will still think of him as my baby when he is 30?  I’m pretty sure by that time I will let him go to the mall alone.  🙂


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