Has God ever used you as an “undercover angel?”

“Undercover angels” are the regular people that seem to be in just the right place at just the right time to help you out.  Right off I think of the sweet woman that helped me about 8 years ago.  I had two children under 2, and my car ran out of gas.  I was only a mile or so from home, but I had two babies.  I also did not have a cell phone.  (For the record the gas gauge was broken.)  She was instantly there and gave me a ride home.

The reason I ask is because tonight I felt God use me.  I was at Wal-Mart checking out.  The store is packed, and suddenly this man runs up to me to ask if I have seen a little boy.  Why he picked me is the God thing.  There were literally 100 other people around including store clerks.  I said no, and he instantly ran off.  He was frantic.  I told the clerk.  They called their “Code Adam”, but didn’t seem too concerned.  I went to my car.  I parked in one of the far lanes from the door.  As I am pulling out I see a little boy in the back of a truck looking pretty scared.  He was wearing a red shirt (I had found that out from a clerk earlier.)  I didn’t want to scare him, so I went and got one of the clerks in the garden area to call his dad.  Sure enough it was him.  I left, but as I was driving home I thought about undercover angels.  I thought about how that dad randomly out of a hundred or so people asked me.  I wasn’t near a door.  I didn’t work there.  I don’t even think I looked particularly approachable.  I think it was God.  I think I was just used.  I’m glad God is able to use me even in everyday little things.


One thought on “Has God ever used you as an “undercover angel?”

  1. Hi, As the writer/singer of “Undercover Angel” the song (1977), I have Google set to notify me whenever the phrase is mentioned online. Just wanted to say I enjoyed your story, and your use of the title in such a spiritual, joyful way. Continued blessings!

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