Foster Parents

Foster parenting is not easy.  My brother is a foster parent.  I am continually amazed by him (really his whole family.)  I think being a foster parent for any child would be a challenge, but they choose teenagers.  They have had 6 children come through their doors in the last 2 years.  Each with his or her own set of problems.  My brother has firm expectations of these kids, but he also spoils them pretty rotten. 🙂 

I’m really proud of him.  I don’t think he realizes how important what he is doing is to these children.  All of these children have been permanantly removed from their homes.  They are not all successful in my brother’s home.  Two had to go to a youth center.  They just couldn’t follow any rules.  They made it hard for the other kids.  One of them stole his car.  He got it back, only slightly damaged.

Interestingly though my brother goes out of his way to keep every child in the folds of his family.  He still has activities that he wants them all to attend.  They recently had a picnic and took everyone (even the one that took the car).  He lets them live at home after they turn 18.  As long as they are getting good grades in college, they get free rent.  Sadly, so far only one has made it to college and he isn’t doing so well. 

The two living at “home” right now are really good kids.  I’ve enjoyed most of them, and seen hope in all of them.  I think that is why my brother continues.  He sees hope.


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