Setting my goals for today! Cleaning the fridge and more!

Isn’t it sad that I feel like if I don’t declare it then I might procrastinate even longer.  I have wanted to clean out my fridge and my island cupboards since last Thursday.  Of course, it hasn’t happened.  So today I am declaring it and therefore shall be held accountable to it.  🙂  What do you need to be held accountable for today? 


One thought on “Setting my goals for today! Cleaning the fridge and more!

  1. Okay, this is like the dominos affect/effect (which is it?)…..I’m seeing the “possibly related posts” and I’m thinking…”this could be addictive, I could spend hours on this reading!! LOL Thanks for sharing and I’m so glad I FINALLY have clicked on the blog link you sent me last week….talk about procrastination, or is it busyiness….heck, I don’t know….I struggle with it all… thanks for your advice this morning with making a list and prioritizing!! Here it is: Laundry, clean main floor, shower, card to Uncle Bill, Call Upper Iowa, Call Greg about sound system, get supplies at Mercy Medical, get keys to Jordan and Jessica, clean fish tank and hamster cage, calendar stuff….when is period/ovulation going to occur……that’s currently it for now….so an excellent start!!! I feel so much better now!!! Adios!!!!

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