Unrealistic view of how many hours are in a day

I’m pretty sure that I am not the only one that does this.  I set my goal for what I wanted to get done today, but didn’t necessarily consider everything that I had to do today.  In other words, I got the fridge cleaned, but not the island.  🙂  I did however take the kids to the dentist, piano lessons, do MANY things for the theatre. 

The cast list for Honk is coming out in the next few hours.  I’m fairly certain that my oldest son will get a part.  He has already been in 5 other shows at this theatre.  He has always gotten ensemble parts, but he has been Ok with that.  I think he actually has a chance at a minor lead this time.

What shocked me is my youngest son.  I have in other posts discussed that he has PDD-NOS.  He has NEVER wanted to participate in the theatre.  Well never until the last show.  He decided to try out for the spring show in March.  He didn’t get a part.  I wasn’t surprised.  The director knows he has autism, but I think that might have been only a small part.  He sang quiet, read quiet, and danced like a lumberjack.  I didn’t care.  I was so proud of him for auditioning!  That is the scariest part about being in a show.

Needless to say, he didn’t get cast.  This is where it gets amazing.  In the past if something like this had happened we would have had a melt down that could last —well a really long time.  This time however, he said that’s OK, it would leave him time to do other things.  He also said that he wanted to try out again for the next show!

Well those auditions were yesterday.  I was so proud of my baby!  (Who cares if he’s almost 11.)  He got up there and sang his heart out.  He read pretty loudly.  He read opposite of his brother and I think that helped.  He still danced like a lumberjack.  🙂  But I think he stands a decent chance this time.  46 kids tried out for 38 spots. 

Now we are just waiting for the cast list.  It’s killing me!!!


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