Slug bug!

My boys have recently started playing the slug bug game.  I hadn’t realized how many VW’s there were in this town!  They think it is great fun to yell and hit each other when they see one.  The truly funny think is that they think they are the first ones to think of this game.  It makes me laugh. 

I tell them how my sister and I would truly beat each when we saw one, but then I made sure they understand they aren’t allowed to do that.  🙂 

I will say that they keep inventing new rules to the game.  They invented the “slug shield” and there have to be at least a dozen very specific rules to that.  Of course there is the “no slug back” rule.  They also have a rule that if mom calls it, she gets to slug later, but only if she remembers. 

There are other rules, but I can’t keep them all straight.  Just another example of “everything old is new again.” 

 A friend told me she was making shrinky dinks with her kids today.  How about you?  What thing from your childhood has your child discovered?


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