Declaring war on my house with a new attack strategy

So if you were keeping track (and I know all of you are, because that is part of my accountability 🙂 ), last weeks goals fell apart pretty fast.  This week though, it will be a total different story!  For a few reasons, the first being we don’t have swimming lessons or umpteen different appointments.  The second being my new plan of attack. 

As the general of this war on clutter and chaos, I have decided that I will make sneak attacks in the “red zones” or the “hot spots” in my house.  Beginning today with this:

(A kitchen counter with a pile of books, papers, and truthfully I’m just a little afraid to find out!  BTW the bottles in the back are very yummy sugar-free coffee flavors.  I’m really liking the coconut.) 

Trust me it is a very large pile!  That is definitely the tactics of the enemy.  Just keep putting everything in a pile and then it will become so overwhelming everyone is afraid to touch it lest it fall over. 

So that, my friends, is today’s new goal!  Check back later and see if I conquered or once again was defeated.



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