WOO HOO!! I did it! I did it! One small victory in this war on clutter!

One thing about me, is that I am a huge procrastinator.  So today when I called over to my friend’s house, her husband answered the phone with, “So have you gotten it clean yet?”  Obviously he has been visiting my blog.  🙂

I had to admit that I hadn’t even started.  (Sheepish grin here.)  This is where that accountability thing kicked in.  I knew when I got off the phone that I HAD to clean the disaster in my kitchen.  So this is for you Chris!

Let me tell you I am more than a little mortified at what I found!  I found two graduation invitations–that we MISSED!  I found a thank you–that never got mailed.  I found so much!  EEK!!!  But it is all organized for now.  I think I am going to make some curtains to go around our makeshift microwave stand.  Hmmm…maybe this weekend.

But there is something that I really want to share with all of you!  When I tackle a big project I like to work in time blocks.  I have found that for me, listening to a podcast while I work makes that much easier as well as more enjoyable.

There are many that I listen to, but today I listened to one that had me laughing as I was working!  I have been enjoying Craftsanity (yes, it is available on Itunes).  However today I chose an episode that I think everyone would love!  It was actually from February 28, 2006.  It was an interview with Deirdre Flint.  She is a comedic musician.  Instantly she reminded me of Christine Lavin.  Deirdre at the time (and maybe still is) was performing with The Four B*tchin Babes, a fun group to listen to!  I am going to have to download some, if not all, of her songs.  They were really that good.  I really liked the Cheerleader song, but The Boob Fairy song was definitely a classic!!!  Check her out.

Tomorrow is a new day!  I have a new project, equally scary and still in my kitchen.  I am going to tackle the art cupboards!  It will be a bit more challenging as I will be eating breakfast with my mom and sister, and then having my cousins over to play with my kids.   Yet I will turn on my podcasts and enjoy my hour (or so) of organizing.


One thought on “WOO HOO!! I did it! I did it! One small victory in this war on clutter!

  1. Congratulations! Shall we start a timer for when it returns to “normal”? LOL! I should send you a picture of MY “island” or worse, my “desk”.

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