Youngest child doesn’t want to go to camp

Yesterday my youngest son declared he doesn’t want to go to Cub Scout camp.  He is supposed to leave in two days with his dad. 

He has always loved camp.  He’s been going to church camp for 5 years, and Cub Scout camps for the last two.  He is serious though about not going this year and very determined. 

Last year at Cub Scout camp the boys and their dad were in a terrible storm.  Todd said it seemed like a tornado.  Their tent was pulled out of the ground.  The kids were all put in a shelter.  So far this year, we barely missed driving through the Parkersburg tornado that flattened an entire town.  I made Todd wait a 1/2 hour longer at his Grandma’s.  We just drove through the horrible after effects on our way home.  Combine that with last week 4 Boy Scouts dying in a tornado, it is just too much for my boy right now. 

One of his austistic behaviors (he is PDD) is that he sometimes hyperfocuses on things.  Usually it is a video game or Pokemon.  Right now it is not going to camp.  I’m not going to make him go.  It is a short three day camp, but I don’t think it is worth the stress.

I am certain that he will want to go next year when he is an actual “Boy Scout”.  These days Boy Scout camp is looking more and more like a family vacation.  His aunt, two uncles, 3 cousins, and his brother will be there.  I’m not sure if his dad will go or not. 

I think I’m doing the right thing, but wouldn’t it be nice if sometimes God was just a little clearer about how he wants us to raise these beautiful little people?



3 thoughts on “Youngest child doesn’t want to go to camp

  1. Poor bean! I don’t blame him. Heck, you avoided the Boy Scout/tornado incident, but that was the FIRST thing I thought. Maybe he did too. Besides, I hate camping so I’m with him 100%. Weird thought: since I know that clutter and camping are connected (as in you can get rid of ALL KINDS OF CLUTTER when the kids are camping), do you think he’s made this connection as well? I doubt it, too. It was worth asking though.

    BTW, I think it’s a blessing that he can communicate all this to you. His words have to be some conveyance of how God wants you to raise him. That you LISTEN to him and validate his FEELINGS and act on them as his advocate. You know he’s special and you take that into account daily.

    No one knows exactly the right path, but you have a pretty good little guide there.

  2. I just remembered he still really hates daddy long legs in the showers. I’m not a fan either but, I know they scram when you turn on the water. I still can’t convince him they do that though. Another kid made fun of his being scared of bugs and spiders. It got me mad but thankfully my son was oblivious.

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