So many floods and tornadoes, Iowa is a mess

I have noted a few times in my blog about some of the serious weather related disasters that have been occurring in Iowa.  Today though I want to talk a little bit more about it. 

I’ve mentioned how we were up near Parkersburg when the worst tornado disaster in Iowa in years happened.  The devastation that we viewed on the way home was jaw dropping, and we only saw a small area of the damage.  Seven people died in that tornado.  My husband’s aunt and uncle lost all their barns, and their house had to be condemned from the damage. 

More recently the tornado hit Little Souix Boy Scout Ranch, and the deaths of the four young men are still on so many of our minds.  I send my oldest son next week to Boy Scout camp, and am having a little trouble.  I know that I am the lucky parent, because I am sending him with my sister.  I can imagine the trust issues if you aren’t related to half the troop.  It would be very difficult in light of the deaths and all of the recent weather.

Then there is the flooding.  Having lived through the floods of ’93 (working in one of the hardest hit areas), those memories are still very fresh.  So seeing it all happen again makes you wonder.  The part of Des Moines that I used to work in actually is Ok this time around, but other parts of Des Moines are devastated.  I can’t even begin to describe it, but looking at the pictures makes you realize how far reaching this disaster is for Iowa. 

Last night on the news they were interviewing The Red Cross.  They were discussing about how Red Cross was going to have to borrow millions of dollars to help the victims of the floods.  Apparently people are eager to help tornado victims, because the damage is so visible.  However floods get less donations.  Having seen communities completely devastated by floods, I realized how true that was.  On the Red Crosses website there is an article about the floods.  If you feel moved to donate, there is information at the bottom of the article including different ways to do that.  Apparently you need to specify where your donations should go.

One thing that I know that we could all do is keep these people and the organizations that are helping them in our prayers.


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