Um…Ok…not quite what I imagined, but my own fault

So I read all of these amazing women’s blogs. They homeschool, do art with their children, make their own clothes, can jelly, and are very hands on moms. Lots of them put pictures and recipes on their blogs. In fact they were who inspired me to blog my own little life adventure.

That being said, I made bread today. From scratch, not frozen from Hy-Vee’s frozen bread aisle. Really… I did. Want to see the picture?

Shut up Suzanne!  😦

Quit it.

Stop laughing at me.

Judy, Julie, you quit laughing too.



7 thoughts on “Um…Ok…not quite what I imagined, but my own fault

  1. Looks aren’t everything. How did it taste? What you should also know is that some recipes don’t actually work (you should see last night’s pork experiment. I’m still soaking the pan!) the way you would think. So… Keep it up. You won’t become good at this if you don’t move on from your “mistake” (not baking it in a pan?), and try again.

    That said, good on you for trying!
    Although, it is funny looking. I did laugh. I’m sorry.

  2. How did you know I was laughing?? Hmmmm…..

    No, really….I AM VERY IMPRESSED!!!! Looks fine and I bet it tasted yummy!!

    Way to go, girl!!!

  3. I feel so honored…I’ve never had a friend who baked her own bread. You are truly practicing that Proverbs woman thing Cassie. If you don’t stop you are going to make me look really bad!!!!

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