Ran around all day, but the best thing was the price of gas!

It was one of those marathon days.  After getting up to walk at 4:45 am with two crazy  delightful women, I decided to plan my meals for the week and go grocery shopping.  Remembering that my oldest son leaves in two days for Boy Scout camp, I had to purchase this list of stuff from his slave driving, money munching wonderful scout leader (my sister).  Including a cot that I drove clear to the other side of town for, but they were out. 

Do you know though there are very few people at Wal-Mart at 7 am?  So I sped through that part pretty quick.  Came home put it all away, and took youngest child to get his allergy shot (poor sniffly kid). 

Stopped at the Kum-n-Go and you won’t believe this!  I got gas for $2.35 a gallon.  Hate me yet?  I love having a flex fuel vehicle.  E85 is only $2.35.  Love it!

By the way the army surplus store was out of cots, and I went back to Wal-Mart.    Go figure.

We did take the afternoon and use a gift certificate that we won to take the boys to an inflatable park.  We sat and read while they bounced for HOURS!!   A little ADHD goes along way there. It was wonderful, and they had a great time.  I couldn’t believe it, but there was only one other child there.  This was great for my youngest!  He did get to over-stimulated.  We will go back.

Meanwhile back at home that poor little art cupboard is whispering, “Hey, remember me?  You promised!!! Liar! Liar!”


Oh don’t worry I will clean you never tomorrow.   🙂


2 thoughts on “Ran around all day, but the best thing was the price of gas!

  1. Where is this park. It sounds like something I may need! I swear, we run and play all day, go for walks, and the kid still won’t go to bed. I think we may do a med adjustment and start giving him a mid day dose as well. He is just too crazy at the end of the day no matter what we do.

  2. I LOVED this entry!!! You are SO FUNNY!!! I REALLY liked the “crossed out” parts!! You’ll have to show me how to do this!!!

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