Nervous Energy Gets Weekly Goal Finally Completed!

My children have went away to camp for the last 5 years, and every year I have some anxiety issues.  Two summers ago I actually think I had an anxiety attack.  The one thing I always do is clean their rooms top to bottom.  I pretty much work from the moment I wake up until 10, 11 12 at night.  I am not cleaning their rooms this time.  I am going to make them help with that in the next few weeks.  So today here is what I did:



Actually my whole kitchen now looks awesome.  Plus I even labelled the art drawers.  🙂  Tomorrow is another day, but I am planning some other activities than cleaning.  I have one child home with me this week.  He and I will be spending some special times together.  It will be nice to concentrate on him.


4 thoughts on “Nervous Energy Gets Weekly Goal Finally Completed!

  1. Hey, when you get done over there Ms.I-have-my-summers-off, you can come hit mine…it’s a PIT!…worst ever, really…I try not to think about it too much or I may have a breakdown.

  2. You know what maybe we need to have an old-fashioned cleaning party. Aren’t we supposed to put a roof on Sue’s house sometime?

  3. I am so proud of you! I just get discouraged sometimes because once I clean up a disaster area another one is right around the corner. And, yes, don’t clean your kids’ rooms. They will be shocked when they get home and mom didn’t do it. It took Gab-girl 2 months and her room is clean now, I just refused to touch it.

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