Happy Birthday Honey!

Today is my dear husband’s birthday.  We met 14years ago at a coffee shop that a mutual friend was playing at that night.  My then roommate took me down.  I remember I was wearing my black stir-up pants, a white turtleneck, my Dad’s suit coat and this adorable brown hat.  I remember thinking I looked really good that night.

As soon as he walked in I felt something.  I was hitting Megan’s arm asking, “Who is that?”  When she noticed him, she jumped up and ran over to sit in his lap.  I was left across the room wondering.  He was wearing a leather jacket and had long dark curly hair.  He was laughing and talking to everyone.  He seemed to be the center of attention.

Later as we were leaving Megan finally introduced us, and I found out that he was her ex-boyfriend’s best friend.  Interestingly enough, I later found out that he thought I was a lesbian.  🙂 

Thankfully both of our first impressions were a little bit off.  He is not by any means Mr. Outgoing and is actually exactly the opposite.  Same for me with the whole lesbian thing, but it makes a great story.

Hard to believe that 14 years has passed so quickly.  Happy Birthday!


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Honey!

  1. Thank You Hunny(cause she is so sweet and she puts up with my oh bother pooh bear days)!

  2. He must have been quite HOT if you were able to overlook the whole lesbian “thing” and go after him anyway. Hope he had a happy Birthday.

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