Something New: What do you think Wednesdays

I have been listening to Craft Sanity podcasts like crazy this week.  As I clean parts of my house I am listening to my podcasts.  Yesterday I discovered that the women that blog The Angry Chicken and Soulemama were interviewed on Craft Sanity.  So of course I downloaded these straight away, and listened as I deep cleaned the front hall closet.  (No pictures this time.) 

Anyway Amy Karol, aka Angry Chicken, had two great interviews.  She really made me stop and think.  She sounds so fun!  The kind of friend that would always keep you on your toes.  She discussed during this interview about what kind of superhero she would be. 

It made me think, what kind of superhero would I want to be?  I would want wings.  I would want to fly by gently like a butterfly.  I think I would wear purple tights.  🙂  No cape, that would get in the way of my wings.

So how about you?  What kind of superhero do you want to be?  Are you a tights wearer?  How about a cape?  What colors?


2 thoughts on “Something New: What do you think Wednesdays

  1. NO CAPE! Do you remember The Incredibles? Every super hero with a cape was sucked into some kind of engine. So it’s good that you don’t want a cape. However, you’ve basically described Tinkerbell. Girl, she was just mean! Do you want to be mean?

    I personally would want to be the power BEHIND the superpower — you know, Alfred or Edna Mole. I don’t want the incredible responsibility that would go with the great power (think Spiderman). I just want to make the gadgets, give them my 2 cents, and then hear about the adventures. I don’t actually want to get DIRTY!

    Besides, I don’t know about you, but super heroes are NEVER happy! Ever. It’s like being a mom on steroids — everyone is going to want SOMETHING after they find out you have a super gift (let’s say producing plays or something). There’s no getting away from the 24/7 of it all.

    Sure, you’re thinking, I just wouldn’t tell anyone. But you would! We always do. Besides only half the population is oblivious. Someone would notice. Then you’d be at the beck and call of millions (rather than dozens). SIGH. Anyway you look at it, you’re not going to have time for highlights, botox, the gym. People are going to criticize.


  2. I would definately like to fly as long as I long don’t have to wear a silly costume. Or, instead of flying, I don’t think I would mind being a Jumper (have you seen that movie, it’s not what I expected but it’s okay). This guy just pictures a place in his head and he can go there. Talk about solving our gas crisis. What about being someone like Lila on that high school super hero movie? She could make plants grow, or attack if necessary, that would be a cool superpower.

    I think you would look cute with a purple cape, just stay away from turbo engines and big fans.

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