I stopped myself just in time

I tend to set some weird deadlines for myself.  For example, this weekend we are having 20 or so people over after church on Sunday.  As much as I would love to be the perfect homemaker, that isn’t me.  I can’t lie to you people.  You’ve seen pictures!  So all week I have had this list of things that I am going to get done before Sunday.  Including, but not limited to, deep cleaning many parts of my house, cleaning the yard and deck, painting the bathroom, and creating all the food. 

I’ve actually done pretty well.  The house looks great!  I just need to do a quick round of pick up and vacuum.  The yard will be done tomorrow.  I have all the food, but still need to make it. 

So here it is 3:00 Friday afternoon.  I head upstairs to the bathroom to begin taping it off.  I am taking things off the walls when I realize that this means I will have to finish the bathroom tomorrow, do all the cooking, clean the yard, and do that final house cleaning.

I turned around and hung everything back up.  If I try to do that I will be stressed, rushed, and most likely angry for the whole weekend.  I don’t want that. 

So if you are coming to my house for a cookout on Sunday, don’t be surprised when you look in the upstairs bathroom.  It is still that weird shade of white with a hint of green.  There are places that you can see where my darling painted the ceiling for me last weekend.  There are places were he put in the new shower and drywall that obviously haven’t been painted.  That’s OK.  You will all like me better than you would have like my bathroom.

However, if you want to stop around the 4th of July.  It will be painted.  🙂

Moral of this story?  Realize your limits and listen to them.


2 thoughts on “I stopped myself just in time

  1. I was THRILLED when I read that you didn’t paint the bathroom. A) It sounded like WAY too much work and B) I would have been envious. I won’t be there for the 4th. In fact, I never noticed that it was a weird color. Thank goodness it will be fixed in time for my next visit! 🙂

    Have a great party!

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