Good Friends, Good Food, Perfect Weather

Entertaining at my home is not something that I do well.  I tend to stress myself out until no one wants to be around me.  Today was not like that.  Today was beautiful.  Everyone had a good time, ate until they were full and enjoyed each other’s company. 

We had Todd’s band and their families (plus a few others) over for a picnic.  Nothing to extreme, just hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill.  Chris and Julie found a recipe for homemade KFC coleslaw and I found a recipe for a cake very similiar to Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Cake.  I also realized that there are a lot of youtube videos to help you learn how to make frosting roses!  However, I forgot to take a picture of the cake to show you all.  😦  But they were pretty good.  Course the biggest hit was probably Todd’s homemade salsa.  I will put the recipe on another day, because it truly is amazing.

We had a great time playing Monster Volleyball.  Some of these kids are really good.

Noah got out the face paints and painted his friends faces.

One of our favorite moments though had to do with this:

What do you say when someone calls and asks, “What do you like more, corn or cowboy boots?”  Sounded pretty scary at the time.   We like the corn!

We are Iowans.  What did you expect?



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