Autism and Vaccinations in the News Again

I stumbled on this interesting article.  I can’t say in our case why or how my son developed PDD.  But I think that more studies and keeping the general public talking about it helps.  Unfortunately not nearly enough people understand what autism looks like. 


3 thoughts on “Autism and Vaccinations in the News Again

  1. did you also hear that medidate, and othe ADHD meds, have been shown to trigger pre-existing heart murmers? (Note, I did not say that medidate causes heart problems) When I took him in for his check last week his nurse told me about it. Since he has been on it for so long now they are not concerned but she suggested I talk to our family doctor and see if he recommends an EKG or not. I suppose I should make that call….

  2. I read this on Sunday. What really freaked me out was the reaction to the flu mist vaccination. That was WEIRD! I’ve been watching this closely since schools not only work with all children, but we also demand vaccinations as the price of entry. I’m wondering if it’s not the vaccinations, per se, but that so many are bundled together now. It would be interesting to read a study wherein some children were given the bundled vaccinations and others were given them spaced apart.

    That said, we actually took part in a study with vaccinations that were bundled and they “watched” Keb first for a month (I had paperwork to complete first daily, then weekly), and then checked him each time he was in. He did well, just a slight fever the first day. Still, for some families this could cause extreme fevers and breakdowns in their children.

    Also in the news (Time Magazine) was a huge article on Fragile X Syndrome (which my cousin’s son has). I wonder if, somehow, these 2 factors meet up and cause havoc with our little ones’ systems. Again, you hope someone is looking at these two things and seeing if they are linked.

    Finally, I do wonder how often doctors dismiss parental concerns about their children and deny treatment until a situation/syndrome has gone on too long. I’ve read about families that start rehabilitative activities early whose children make wonderful advancements. Generally these are the parents who demand that something happen. I wonder if sometimes we’re too polite to people who dismiss our concerns.

    Food for thought.

  3. I think when they do find the cause it’s going to be a combination of things instead of just one solution. If they can pinpoint where the spike occurred, you can start to analyse the differences, in technology, like L.E.D. screens, cell phone towers, or medical procedures, food proccessing, ect…

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