This morning I realized that I had bananas, strawberries, and some raspberries that no one was going to be eating anytime soon.  So I decided to make muffins for breakfast and the freezer.  I found this delicious recipe for strawberry-banana muffins.  They are wonderful!!!  For my raspberry muffins I tried a different recipe, but it wasn’t quite as yummy as the first recipe.  Next time I will probably use the first recipe, but switch out the fruits.  The second recipe had a slight aftertaste that the first didn’t have.

I also used the flour mixture from Sneaky Chef.  It is a combination of white and whole wheat flour as well as wheat germ.  My super picky eater ate the strawberry-banana muffins!

Not to mention my house smelled so good!


One thought on “Muffins..mmm…yummy!

  1. I think the raspberry needed a little more sugar and salt to counteract the acidity. The strawberry-banana muffins rocked!

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