What do you think Wednesday: What is a perfect summer day?

I have had some great summer days this year.  Yesterday my friend, Julie and I were lamenting that it is already July!  It is slipping away so fast.  We had planned to paint t-shirts and then take the kids swimming.  Long story short, we decided to skip the swimming.  When we told the kids we were shocked that they were HAPPY to be staying home.  I’m talking that there was actual cheering.  It made me remember that kids need down time too.  (OK I think the fact that we bought a WII a week ago, may have influenced their reactions.)

So I started thinking about a perfect summer day.  I remember when I was a little girl.  We had very little money, and a whole bunch of kids.  I remember the day that my mom gave three of us each a big garbage bag and we filled the inside with water.  We sat for what seemed like hours holding that bag around our waists.  We pretended that we were mermaids, and “went” on all kinds of adventures.

My perfect summer day has changed a little since my mermaid days.  I love spending time outside on my swing with Todd at the grill.  My kids playing nearby or sitting with me.  No phone, tv, or video game in sight.  We could also substitute the swing for a beach and I would be content.  Key components of this day would be, house is clean, 80 degrees, not a lot of wind and limited bugs.  🙂

How about you?


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