Checking in on my summertime goals

In early June I set some pretty lofty goals for summer.  So here is my update:

1.  Work with both boys on their math.  )  This is being done, but not quite as often as it should be.

2. Deep clean my house, 1 room at a time.  This is being done, and I am on track with it.  Moving to the upstairs!

3.  Paint my upstairs bathroom. Done.  I will post pictures in a few weeks when I can put the vinyl decals up.

4.  Paint the living room.   I’ve got to be honest.  I don’t see this happening this summer.

5.   Paint youngest son’s room.  I am going to try and do this while we deep clean.  However, he doesn’t want it done.  So we will see.

6.  Teach the boys to cook, do dishes, and laundry!  We have worked on laundry, but not the others.

7.  Spend time working on crafts with the boys.  We have done A LOT of this.  At the moment, oldest son is using my sewing machine to make throw pillows.

8.  Lose 10 more pounds.  So you have all seen the baking I’ve been doing.  ‘Nuf said.

9.  Organize all of my phonics, and science materials for my classroom.  Ummm…no.

10.  Read, a lot.  So many good books.  So little time.

11. Go camping with my family.  No, but we have spent lots of family time together.

12.  Hook up with my girlfriends.  Go to lunch.  Go shopping.  Begin walking in the morning again.  Yes and no.  I was walking, but Jules hurt her knee pretty seriously.  So haven’t walked in a week.  Shopping and lunch?  probably overated.

13.  Do this great marriage study with my husband.  It is the Active Word Podcast on Itunes.  Pastor Bob preached about it every day in May.   No, but still plan too.

I’m pretty happy with how they are going.  How are your summer goals?  Have you checked back to see if you are on track?

Oh by the way,  I completed this little project (sewing a skirt to hide the ugly shelves).  Considering that my sewing skills are extremely lacking, I am pretty pleased with the finished project.  I thought I should post it since Micah specifically asked on the 4th. 


4 thoughts on “Checking in on my summertime goals

  1. Girls day: August

    Marriage Study: isn’t that awesome? I have been listening but it’s like pulling teeth to get Greg to listen to it. I have thought about purchasing the CD’s and I have even put a bug in a very sweet ear at church

    My goals: ……”ug”

  2. Hey, you did an awesome job 🙂 It sounds like you guys are having an awesome summer. I feel like I should be doing more with Hunter during his first summer, but eh. Keep it up princess !!

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