New Study on Autism and My Ramblings

Yahoo reported on a new federal study.  They plan to study chelation, the removal of mercury and heavy metals.  I thought it was interesting.  I wouldn’t do this with my child, but I could understand a parent that might.  You can read about it here

It sounds too risky to me, and I tend to be more conservative with how we medically treat our child.  I know that one of our doctors has asked me for the last three years to consider Namenda.  They are apparently seeing good results, but I have resisted.  There isn’t any research on children or long-term effects.  It is a medication for Alzheimer’s, but at this office they are using it with children on the autism spectrum.

I know someone that has put a child on it, and is very pleased with the results.  She and I have talked at length about it.  For me it is like putting a cast on when all you need is a bandaid.  My son is doing very well at this point.  He is a borderline spectrum kid.  I feel that he has an amazing chance at having a fulfilling and successful life.  I think with guidance we can help him find a good career (not job–career), and I see him getting married and having children some day.  If it was different, I might have different feelings about the medication. 

It gets hard because people pressure you, but you have to stand up for your child.  You are your child’s only true life long advocate.  God gave you this child to lead and care for.  No one prepares you for this.  All you can do is educate yourself, pray, and follow your heart (and head!) 

Some day I will write more about this journey.  I am always concerned that what I write or say will come back and haunt him (kids can be cruel), but I know that parents need to see how others are following their journey.  It is a fine line. 

I have to be honest thought he is a beautiful child.  He makes my heart skip a beat when he smiles or laughs and always when he cries.

Yesterday the guys were going fishing and he apparently didn’t realize I wasn’t coming.

E:  Your not coming?

Me: No, I have a meeting at work.  Why did you want me to?

E:  Yeah, it is always more fun with you there mom.

Like I said, he makes my heart skip a beat.


3 thoughts on “New Study on Autism and My Ramblings

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  2. I’ve always thought you were the poster child for great parenting. Heck, it’s you I come to for advice. You’re that good.

    I continue to be proud of you for really THINKING about the BIG picture when it comes to your children — in fact, all children. As a teacher I can see where “medication” starts to look like the answer. Yet, there are so many other answers and other paths to consider before doing the EASY thing rather than the RIGHT thing. I like that you give me another view of the issue. Without you and Coreen (another friend whose son is very autistic), I’d be thinking in terms of medication rather than placement, quiet areas, adaptive technology, and triggers.

    Thank you for continuing to educate us all.

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