This week we were supposed to be basking in the warm California sun.  That was the plan.  Well until Todd’s company announced they would be laying people off.  Then we rethought it.  Of course then gas went up to $4 and food skyrocketed as well.  So we are having a “staycation”.  In other words staying at home, hanging out, and doing local.

My husband might argue that I am not really doing this, but he would be wrong.  HE would say that I am working at the theatre (true) and not relaxing.  Of course he and I have different ideas about that.  To him that means laying downstairs on the couch watching movies.  To me that means waiting a week to start my next big home project and finishing a craft that I have been wanting to do.  Both of us agree though that spending some fun time with the boys is essential.

Monday the guys parked it on the couch and watched a few movies, including this awesome one about a boy scout that is the nephew of Butch Cassidy.  He is trying to improve his uncle’s image and find his uncle’s gold.  It is called Outlaw Trail: The Treasure of Butch Cassidy.  Definitely a movie that young boys LOVE.

Tuesday the boys went fishing.  When they got home they told me they caught 12.  Then they carried in a dozen ears of corn.  (Loved the corn-better than fish.)

However yesterday served everyone in the family.  We went to a restaurant for lunch (youngest son’s favorite) and then to see WallE.  We also window shopped for a while.  This seemed to revive us all, and bring smiles to everyone’s face.

Today?  Well today is hard to say.  I think we are going to head over to the water park for a while.  No vacation or “staycation” is complete without swimming, is it?


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