Gee and I thought they would be bored!

Staycation day number five:  The Iowa State Capitol

We took the boys on a guided tour.  I wasn’t sure how interested they would be.  I underestimated them.  They LOVED the tour and asked thoughtful questions.  We handed the camera over to E and let him at it.  Here is the capitol building through the eyes of an 11 year old.

This 11 year old.  I loved the self-portrait.  🙂


Beautiful stained glass ceilings.


I think that is his brother with a lion fountain.

The library.  He really liked the spiral staircase.

The dome.  Point of information: Iowa has the largest gold dome in the country.  All the gold that you see is real gold.  There is currently a restoration in the works, so the boys found bits of gold leaf on the floor.  They thought that was pretty awesome.

One of at least eight “naked” statues we saw.  Most were women, but this is the one little boy.  (That is the most manly looking woman though.  She is really not attractive. )  Interesting story, Illinois commissioned  two beautiful lanterns featuring a woman holding a torch.  However when they arrived they were rejected, because they were too revealing.  Iowa took them immediately.  Hmmm…

E’s favorite, a model of a naval ship.  The model took three years to make, but the actual ship only took one.

Do you want to see more?  You can go on your own virtual tour of the Iowa State Capitol here.



4 thoughts on “Gee and I thought they would be bored!

  1. It’s easy to forget how BEAUTIFUL the capital really is. I enjoyed the walk down memory lane. Looks like it was a good staycation choice (save maybe for the ugly ne-ked wimmin). 😉

  2. Uhmmmm, I looked at that statue close-up. She doesn’t resemble any woman that I’ve ever seen. Sure, “she” has breasts, but (I’ll bet) the face was fashioned after some man (George Washington anyone?). Geez. If not, it certainly expalins why men 150 years ago prayed for their wives to die. She was probably only 40!

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