Oh My! How Our Children Follow in Our Footsteps!

So my children have jumped on the “deep-cleaning” bandwagon with me!  Yesterday as I cleaned out the cupboards in the bathroom, my son says, “Mom I will start deep-cleaning my room.”  Pleased as punch, I said to go for it. 

Well, just like mom, he had to listen to a podcast while cleaning.  His podcast of choice?  Why Kid’s Radio Mania of course!  (Side note: great podcast for kids, these are great guys and the kids love it!  They esecially like going back and listening to old podcasts that they were interviewed on.  These guys will interview kids from anywhere!  You just need to shoot them an email.) 

So I go in after I’m done in the bathroom.  His room looked pretty good to start with so I am expecting good things.  This is what I see:

and this is what is cleaned:

Guess which room I get to do next!?! 🙂


One thought on “Oh My! How Our Children Follow in Our Footsteps!

  1. LOL! Noah cleans the way I do. Perhaps it’s genetic among “aunties” and their “God-children”. Needless to say, I love it. What I really want to know is… How long did it take him. Seriously, this is PRICELESS.

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