The Storms of Life

Last night we had terrible storms all night long.  The lightning and thunder kept me awake through a good portion of the night.  Then at 3:30 the tornado sirens went off.  We got the kids downstairs and I came back up to get our cat.  Todd turned and yelled at me to get downstairs.  I could feel our house vibrating from the wind.  We live in a four level split home.  It shouldn’t vibrate.  I turned around and went downstairs.   It passed quickly and really I wasn’t too worried. I knew God would keep us safe.  

I tried to peer out and see the damage.  It was too dark.  I saw lots of limbs and debris flying down the street.  I expected to have some major damage to our giant old trees.

Well this morning I can see the damage that was done.  We really are VERY lucky.  Our patio umbrella is a folded up, crumpled disaster, my swing’s canopy has a few small tears, and basically just a lot of small limbs everywhere.  The worst is my neighbors tree fell over on our fence, but I don’t think the fence is too injured–yet.

This has made me reflect on our lives.  This last week has been pretty tough at our house.  My husband was given his notification of being laid off last Monday.  He has worked at this job since before I met him (15 years.)  We had known this was a possibility, but it still didn’t make it easier.  His company is completely closing one of their larger buildings and consolidating everyone into one. 

Right now we are in the storm and it is dark.  Yet I know God will take care of us and protect us.  We just have to wait until the “morning” when we can see what has happened (the future).


2 thoughts on “The Storms of Life

  1. I find it interesting that we both wrote about the storms last night without talking to each other this morning. After work I am going to gather up some things and probably crash at my parents house, which is fine because they will cook me dinner but we don’t know when our power will be back on. I really don’t like the feeling that I don’t have control over this. Maybe it was time for my memo from God reminding me that I am not in control…..

  2. Oh, honey, I have been there = tree through the house, messed with by STATE FARM, husband laid off – life was dark – keep your eyes on the light, and make slow and deliberate decisions – we screwed up (and continue to) when we react and jump on people’s advice. Keep your eyes on the light – it’s there.

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