Yeah! One more thing to cross off my list!

It was well over a year ago that our shower wall caved in.  When we bought the house we knew it would eventually need replaced, but we thought it would last longer than it did.  My darling husband is an AMAZING drummer!  Seriously, and I’m only a tiny bit biased.  However, his carpentry or tiling skills or whatever they are called have not been perfected–yet.  So it took some time to get the shower wall replaced.  Granted it was tricky they hadn’t installed the previous in a “traditional” manor.

I asked for it to be completed as a Christmas present, and he performed that feat.  (Funny story here-my brother came and helped him, and made fun of us for not having a shower for 10 months.  My brother is restoring an old house and his bathroom has been in shambles now for 6!  What goes around comes around!  🙂 )  Anyway so the darn bathroom has needed repainted since Christmas, but I didn’t get to it until this summer.  I was so excited when I got it painted around the 4th of July, and then I went to put up the wall rubbings.  Hmmm…the instructions said to wait at least two weeks before applying them to freshly painted walls.  I was going crazy!  I was so close to being done!  It had only been 16 months come on!  You would think I could wait two weeks.  Let me tell you it was hard.

So here it is.  Drumroll please….

This Target clearance rug started the color and flower theme.  I love Target clearance.  Heck, I love ALL clearance!

I painted this previously all white shelf, white and orange.  I hear you whispering, “Wow!  That is bright orange.”  My other bathroom is completely orange!  This was leftover.  🙂  See the cute purple birdhouse my son made.

The flowers were bought from Uppercase Living.  I didn’t know about Etsy at the time.


These little Partridge Family birds are truly charming and were a gift from here.  Check out her store.  She has cute vinyl wall art.

I know this is more than most of you wanted to see.  🙂  Be glad you weren’t one of the people that I called and made come over to my house to “ooohh” and “aaahhh” for me.  By the way, thank you Susan and Julie for doing that.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Yeah! One more thing to cross off my list!

  1. Target has the best clearance! A month or so ago, I bought Nicholas’ 4 t-shirts with designs for $1.48 a piece!

    Our main bathroom is chocolate and baby blue. I love the quirky color schemes.

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