I Made Myself Go Back To School

To quote Nike, “Just do it!”  At least that was my mindset.  I figured if I start going back once a week , every couple of weeks, at least once, then I will start thinking “work, school, I’m the teacher” again.  I know I’ve said this before, but it really is VERY hard this year.  I have never been an “I can’t wait to get my kids back in school” mom.  Usually I am looking forward to fall, because I LOVE fall.  I love going back to school.  But there there is a sense of melancholy when I send my two boys, but that is another entry for another day.

So yesterday I went to school.  It was fairly nice out so I figured I should get in there.  Remember my school is not air conditioned and I have one of (if not THE) warmest room in the building.

So this is what I walked into:


Aside from the fact that my classroom is not yellow, it is white, and that I obviously need a much better camera, does this make anyone else want to turn and run?  Hmmmm???  Maybe I’m the only one.  Well I got to work and when I left it looked like this:


Actually while I wait for a camera, maybe I will add “look for free photo editor on the Internet and learn how to use it” to my summertime goals.


OK, now I did that in two minutes.  That is pathetic.  I wonder what I could find if I actually looked, and tried.  So now I have a new goal.  🙂

Of course my Ugly Doll came with me.  We  are going to make more of these this week.  (Kids request.  I’m ready to move on!)  This is part of our group area.  I put all the stuffed animals the kids give me here, plus my weird Neopet obsession collection.  I need to make more pillows so the kids don’t fight.  I will probably work on that this week. 

However now that my room is semi-set up.  I will start working on our classroom tools.  At the moment I have made everything I need to create my version of a mini-office.  I found some great stuff at this site for that.  I am only creating the writing one, as I use something different for my math.  Quite frankly, I don’t want my kids relying too much on visuals for math.  Some kids need it, but others do not.  So I make a folder that they can pull out if they need it.  It isn’t nearly this much fun.  However, for writing that is a different story.

I got a lot done, and of course still have plenty to do.  Yet I’m feeling better, and now I get to spend the rest of my morning today with 35 children in a teeny tiny basement room, telling them to be quiet during theatre rehearsal.  I know you all envy me.  🙂


6 thoughts on “I Made Myself Go Back To School

  1. I need to do this too. It’s hard because I really don’t have to do anything to the room itself. I need to organize my materials. SIGH. Maybe if I just go over and take the new things, I, too, will get things done. 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration.

    Your room looks really good (the after pictures, of course). Glad to hear you’re feeling better about going back.

  2. I wish I could muster up the energy to go work on my new classroom before it is required of me! I am really dreading this year because we have so many new changes ahead!

  3. I do remember your room as being HUGE. That said, how many kids do you fit in there? Maybe it’s the picture, but there seem to be a lot of desks (which only adds to the heat ’cause God-knows, they’re gonna breathe).

    Also, isn’t there some sort of union thing about the temperature? I know with us there is a “can be below” but not a “can’t be above”. Not, ironically, that it’s ever actually FIXED anything. Sigh… That’s another entry!

    That’s it! You should add a page called Temperature in my Classroom (you can even chart it, but that’s not useful. Maybe a histogram?). This way we can help commiserate and spread the word about hot classes. Maybe even add a rating for kid behavior with * being AWFUL and ***** being angelic (and, therefore, alien).

  4. Morocco,

    Last year we had a new reading series sprung on us in August, plus new social studies, new science, and new team teaching. It was overwhelming. I feel your pain.

    I love the idea of the temp page. I may do that. I thought about emailing it daily to the superintendent, but I don’t think that will win me any awards.

    I didn’t count my desks. I’m not sure how many I have. I’m guessing 24 or so. So far I have 22 kids on my roster, but we haven’t even had registration. It will change.

  5. You could track your classroom temp. on twitter. Then put a link on your blog home page. Maybe invite the register to check in on it. Or you could have a TV13 weather net station inside you classroom.

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