I’m Really Sick of Thunder Storms and Tornadoes!

This has been a very wet, active year for Iowa. I’ve posted about some of the storms we’ve had and seen this year. I can’t believe how much devastation and destruction just keeps occurring. Around 5 tonight we had another wave roll through. We went to the basement as there was ANOTHER tornado warning. When we came upstairs we were surprised by how many limbs were down in our yard. We are also house sitting for a neighbor and had to take care of her house as well. These were just a few of the limbs in our front yard.

In the middle of this I get a phone call from the theatre cancelling rehearsal as there are MANY new waterfalls in our ceiling. This is just heartbreaking as we have spent so much time trying to remodel and make this a nice place. We knew that we were in need of a new roof, but the wind just peeled it off tonight. I’m really hoping that we can still open the show next weekend. My sweet husband, another board member, and Brian our building guy climbed up on top of the roof and attached a giant tarp as it was raining again. We’ve raised $3500, but the new roof will cost $20,000.  If anyone wants to make a nice donation to a non-profit childrens’ theatre that is tax-deductible, let me know… 😦


2 thoughts on “I’m Really Sick of Thunder Storms and Tornadoes!

  1. Oh man! I’m so sorry — for the roof, for the work, and for the worry. Especially for the unfilled want which gives home away from home to so many kids.

    I don’t have $20K, but we can do a grassroots “roof raising”. You set up the fund (account and 501c number so that OTHERS give. I don’t particularly care) and, for your birthday (only kidding), I’ll donate $50. I’ll also spread the word and try to get my family and other friends to donate as well.

    While that doesn’t take care of your storms, will it help you weather the one for your roof?

  2. I know, we live in the midwest and we have had a lot of storm activities as well. We actually had a pretty bad tornado at the beginning of summer. Fortunately we did not receive any damage but the area that was hit hardest was only 20 blocks from our neighborhood. I was shocked and near tears when we drove past it one day. You really can’t picture the damage that tornadoes do until you’ve seen it up close. I can only imagine what New Orleans looked like after Hurricane Katrina.

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