It is a beautiful day!

All of the recent storms have certainly caused uproar at my house.  However there have also been blessings.   The obvious first one is that we are all safe and basically our house is as well.  My dear friend, Chris, is a fire fighter and when he saw our scorched siding, well it caused him great concern.  He climbed on top of my roof and went up into my attics (yes, more than one) to make sure we didn’t have a smoldering fire somewhere.  We didn’t.  Thank you God! (Chris is also one of our blessings!)

Our new WII that the boys got for their birthday is history as is our digital TV converter and a surge protector (no, not the one they were plugged into.)  However, that is all replaceable.  OK assuming I can get my hands on another WII.  🙂  Thankfully, although our computer was turned on when we were hit by lightning, it is fine.  That would have been much more expensive to replace. 

I posted about the roof of our children’s theatre being blown off (Well, really peeled back.)  I emailed some of the local news stations and one came out to do a story on us.  It was a lovely story.  I’m not sure if we will get a flurry of activity from it, but maybe.  One thing that has happened is that our roofing company came back with a better estimate for the roof.  We also have gotten another $1100 in donations so far.  Not too bad for our little corner of Broadway.

I stilled need to call the electrician and have him come and double check all of my electric wires.  Yet so far everything seems fine.  God is good and I am certainly feeling blessed.  Thanks for all of your prayers and good thoughts!  Opening night is tonight for the kids’ show, so please keep them coming.  Hopefully the tarp stays on (yes it is supposed to rain again), and the house will be full!  40 children (and many adults) have worked really hard on this, so I pray all is successful!  It is a blessing that we are even able to have opening night!


One thought on “It is a beautiful day!

  1. I am glad to hear that things are working out for you. It is always a challenge to find the silver lining in our trying times but worth the effort to do so. Sometimes what may seem like a cursing is really a blessing! Be well, be safe, be blessed!

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