Opening Weekend

My son’s show opened up this weekend.  The play was Honk Jr. and if you have never seen, it is wonderful!  One of the cutest scripts that I’ve experienced.  The children at our theatre are amazingly talented.  I will say that this is a much younger cast than we usually have.  I am curious about the average age of the actors.  We just seem to have a lot of little people this time around.  My son is actually one of the oldest and it has NEVER been like that before.

Unfortunately this is the smallest audience that we have ever had for any of our shows.  I’m thinking that there may be a variety of reasons that factor into this.  The first would be the economy.  I know we aren’t spending money at my house.  Theatre and entertainment is a luxury item.  The second would be the show.  I just don’t think Honk Jr. is as well known as Wizard of Oz, Suessical, and many others.  Third the state fair is going to begin this weekend and I think people are saving their money for that (technically this goes back to the economy–I know.)

I hope next weekend has better audiences.  It is very disappointing for the kids not to have a full house.

Now on another note, my boy ROCKS!  He does such a great job.  I’m glad he enjoys what he is doing.


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