Good to have Girlfriends

I went walking this morning at the insane beautiful hour of 5 am with my two girlfriends.  Last summer we walked faithfully 3-4 mornings a week.  This summer we have not been as faithful.  I could probably count it on one, maybe two, hands.  I called my friends last night and said we are definitely walking this morning, because I needed to talk.

We walk 2 1/2 miles fairly quickly, about 40 minutes.  So this morning the entire first lap (1 1/4 mile) I did not shut up.  My mouth opened before we even hit the trail and didn’t stop.  I had hands flying everywhere and was talking 10,000 miles a minute.  Bless their hearts!  My girlfriends just let me go.  They would chime in with an occasional comment of support, but basically they just listened. 

By the time I got around the first lap I realized that I had nothing more to say.  I had gotten three days worth of stuff off of my chest.  I knew I could say anything and that I was safe.  They loved me and cared about me.  You know people care, when you go off on a 20 minute rant and they don’t complain. 

(On a side note: My other favorite girlfriend listened to most of it yesterday. )

So today I am celebrating the blessings of girlfriends!  Life would be a challenge without them.  What a gift my girls are!!!

Cyberhugs to all of you!


4 thoughts on “Good to have Girlfriends

  1. I agree with you; it’s important to have girlfriends. What’s better is that you get the meditative benefit of the walk, along with double therapeutic benefit of venting as well as being with your friends. As Martha says, “It’s a good thing.”

    What I think is really amazing is that they could process THOUGHT at that time of day! 🙂 I dare you to ask a comprehension question to see how well they were listening (I KNOW they were listening!). LOL!

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