We Made History Today! Really! I’m Serious!

Today began an Iowa tradition, the Iowa State Fair.  We usually go at least once, but this year we weren’t going to go.  Well until they announced that you get in free the first day and get a free corn dog.  There of course was a catch.  Free admission was between 5 and 8 am.  The corn dog was part of The Big Chomp, an attempt to set a Guinness World Record in the number of people eating a corn dog at the same time in the same place.  They had prepared for 8,400 people, but over 12,000 showed up.  The boys got their corn dogs, but I gave mine to another little boy.  They had ran out.  (OK, E shared his with me.  🙂 )  By the way we OWN that Guinness record now!


The crowds that were patiently waiting for corn dogs.  It made me think, “How many crazy people can you find that are willing to get up at 5:30 am, brave a huge traffic jam, and then willingly come to wait in a 8,00 people line for breakfast?”  Well you can see the answer.

Some of our favorite things at the fair.  The Giant Slide, I remember riding this as a small child.  One of my favorite stories is in 6th grade we had a class picnic at the Fairgrounds (this was in May when the Fairgrounds is deserted.)  Some juvenile delinquent (my brother and his friends) broke the boards off of the humps.  My teacher let us all ride the slide for what seemed like hours.  That was the only time I ever liked that teacher.

The Butter Cow

Judy, E, and little K sat and watched the beehives for a long time.  The other kids and I walked down, played a game, and came back.  I’m not sure they ever realized we were gone.

We actually got to pet ponies, baby pigs, baby ducks, but we only got to look at the newly hatched ostrich.  We also saw some absolutely HUGE bulls.  Judy overheard our 12 year olds quietly talking about the size of the bulls balls.  I started laughing and having Pioneer Woman flashbacks.

The boys learned how to properly shoot marbles from a professional marble shooter.  OK, is anyone else surprised that there is such a thing as a professional marble shooter????

Picked our favorite doll house.  Mine was this fairy house. 

This was the boys’ favorite thing we watched all day.  There was a cool Battle Bot show.  This was Draco and it set the printer on fire.  (What 11 year old boy doesn’t like robots, destruction, and fire?)

Finally on our way out of the gates we saw this replica of an eagle’s nest.  Wow!  They are huge. 

So we enjoyed our day at the Fair.  Right now I want to curl up and take a nap, but I have to be at the theatre in 40 minutes.  Oh well, I guess that is just enough time to stop at the coffee shop for a large mocha.  🙂  I hope you had a beautiful summer day as well (even if you weren’t # 6439 for a world record.)


3 thoughts on “We Made History Today! Really! I’m Serious!

  1. WOW! Big day. It looked like it was a lot of fun, though. I’m guessing you got your money’s worth, right? 😉 Sounds like a perfect end to a pretty perfect summer.

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