Early Birthday Celebration-I Love My Friends

Last week I posted about how important girlfriends can be and how lucky I am. I’m luckier than even I knew.

So on Saturday the girls picked me up. We went to get pedicures and facials. I think I may have fallen in love with facials. We had planned this weeks ago and after the last few weeks, I needed it. I realized that I hadn’t sat that still for months! I tried very hard to live in the moment and not let thoughts of work or theatre enter my brain. It was wonderful!

Truly I thought the pedicure and facial were birthday present enough!  Yet they were far from finished and I had no idea.  We went out to lunch at a fun local diner, and that was when they really through me for a loop.  They pulled out a present!  They weren’t supposed to bring presents!  The day was MORE than enough.  This is what happened:

First they took pictures and I have no makeup on so excuse me please.  I open it up and am obviously shocked that they bought my picture.  OK well it’s mine now.  I’ve just been coveting it on Etsy for a very long time. 

Then I cried.  I truly didn’t expect this from them.  I’m not a pretty crier.  Sorry about that everyone!  🙂

I love this print of a painting by Natasha Wescoat.  I never expected them to buy it for me.  You can visit Natasha’s Etsy shop here.

I am very lucky to know these women and blessed to call them friends!  Thanks for such a beautiful relaxing day!

(By the way, you know your true friends when you can get away with putting a picture of someone on your blog after you have been stripped of every ounce of make up and your hair has been massaged into weird angles  🙂 )


3 thoughts on “Early Birthday Celebration-I Love My Friends

  1. 🙂 Good friends are very hard to find. Along with family, this is a recipe for a very happy life, as you’ve demonstrated. This is why I call them Sister-Friends.

    I’m glad you got your picture and that you have these wonderful people in your life. After all, I’m not there to look after you.

    BTW, you look BEAUTIFUL! All three of you look great so pass on the love to Judy and Julie.

  2. I think this just proves how beautiful God made us because that is a great picture of the our little group. Maybe we should give up make-up entirely….NOT. You looked beautiful and relaxed, which was the goal my friend. Thank you for a wonderful day.

  3. How neat! I loved that painting as soon as I saw it on your blog. Where do you plan on hanging it?

    I need a facial so bad! I have been under a lot of stress lately and it is showing on my face. I have never had a facial but my dermatologist recommended that I try one. Too bad insurance doesn’t cover them!

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