I’m just sad.

I’m just sad today.  After all the things that have happened, I’ve been asking, “What next?”  Feeling like nothing worse could really happen.  (I’m referring to the house hit by lightning, hubby’s job, theatre soap opera and torn off roof.)  Then today I found out.

My cousin, the oldest of his family, yet only a year older than myself, killed himself this morning.  The worst part was that I wasn’t totally surprised.  He hadn’t ever recovered from his 5 year old daughter dying suddenly 2 years ago.  He had other problems as well.

I remember as kids spending the night with him and lying in bed.  We would talk before we fell asleep.  I remember once he told me that if nobody would marry me when we grew up, he would.  I also remember him defending my honor in first grade (same class).  This girl kept pulling my pony tails.  I believe he went and pulled hers.  I remember for sure that he made her stop.

We are all just sad.


One thought on “I’m just sad.

  1. I offer you my condolescences. It is perfectly okay to be sad but I see too that you have some happy memories of your cousin which will help balance out your solace. Cherish those…I’m sending up a prayer for you!

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