Thursday Nights at My House–My Apologies to All of Our Neighbors

It is Thursday night.  I can feel my floor vibrating.  I can feel my chair vibrating.  Heck, I’m vibrating!  It’s band night at my house.  My husband is a drummer for a Alternative Christian Rock band.  He is an amazing drummer.  Right now I have four grown men in my basement getting ready for a Christian Music Festival in a week.  They sound pretty good.  My favorite song is their cover of the Flaming Lips, Fight Test.  Fight Test sounds uncannily like Cat Stevens, Father and Son.  OK it isn’t a Christian Song, but it is a FABULOUS song. 

This is Joe’s back.  Joe plays among his many instruments, the keyboards.  Joe and his wife are amazing.  They have spearheaded a group to raise money to equip the local movie theatres for the deaf and blind.  I will point out that they are neither deaf nor blind.  They just saw the need.  How can you not love that???

Oh did I mention we had new neighbors move in next door yesterday?  I hope their house isn’t vibrating.  That wouldn’t be a very good first impression.  It’s a good thing I gave them some fresh cucumbers from our garden yesterday.  🙂

Oh and by the way, I found my camera.  Here is my haircut.  It’s short, but I think I like it.

I know it is hard to see my hair.  Sorry it’s the best I can do by myself.  Everyone else is busy doing something important (band practice.)


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