I have 72 hours until I go back to work

I am in crunch time.  I have to go back to work on Monday.  I have many things I want to do this weekend.  So I decided if I made a list I may have a better chance of completing these things.  There is no way I can get it all done, but I’ll be happy if come close.  (As I go I will cross of those things completed!)

  • Go in to school and get all of my new technology set up.  (I have a  –like a smartboard–WOO HOO!!!!!) I really was sort of doing a happy dance as I typed that.  I’m a little excited. Evan tried to do this for me, but the district didn’t sent the cord that hooks all of this up to the computer.  URGH!  He did everything, but that cord though.  Thank you Evan!
  • Take E to get his allergy shots.
  •  Get gas
  • Wash car
  • Clean inside of car My sweetie helped on this one!
  • Wax car (Probably not going to happen)
  • Take kids bowling E won.  He scored 101, his brother 98, and I scored 72.  🙂
  • Send WII into be repaired
  • Send letter to Boy Scouts
  • Deliver grant application for theatre before noon today James did for me.  Thanks James!
  • do ALL of my laundry
  • clean cat litter
  • make cookies and muffins to be frozen for breakfasts and lunches
  • get house cleaned (thanks to my sister this will be done-I love my sister 🙂 )
  • go to visitation
  • order flowers for funeral
  • go to a b-day party for my mom’s friend (I think I only have to make an appearance)
  • church
  • grocery shopping
  • make menus for the week
  • research fun sack lunches for the kids and myself I will blog about this later!
  • catch up on missed blog reading
  • take a quiet relaxing bath on Sunday night
  • Make agenda for Tuesday’s board meeting at the theatre
  • Play game with my kids— Well we went bowling, so I’m going to count that! 
  • Tie-Dye t-shirts with boys–OK not going to happen, maybe next weekend!
  • Work on my giant sewing pile
  • Clean out purse

I think this is it.  I’m fairly certain that I can get a lot of this done.  However I will admit the house clean thing will only happen because of my sister.    Someday I will need to write an “Ode to Susan”.    So how about you?  What are your weekend plans?  I just realized that it is almost 7:25.  I better get a move on!  🙂


4 thoughts on “I have 72 hours until I go back to work

  1. WOW! I just got up, and I need to go back to bed after reading that. Nice thing is that, you’re right, it’s pretty do-able. Group your like stuff (menus, shopping, cooking, freezing) and you’ll be more successful.

    With gas what it is, group all driving in one fell-swoop. OK, maybe your gas isn’t $4.25, still…

    Finally, if Susan can be “delegated” to cleaning your house, why can’t you delegate someone else (or bribe, that’s good too), to take care of some other things like washing & waxing car, clean cat litter (which should just be a kid chore), and research bag lunches.?

    That said, I should get my to-do list up.

  2. GOOD FOR YOU! You’ve accomplished so much. How are you feeling? I enjoyed seeing things crossed out, even though it wasn’t my list. 🙂 It’s vicarious accomplishment.

  3. Wow, you really got a lot done! I started back on 8/11 and let me tell you–I’ve never been more exhausted in my life! I will be posting about the stressful changes at work as soon as I can catch my breath! I hope you have a great first day!

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