So last weekend haunted me all week!

If you read my blog then you know last weekend I acted like the end of the world was coming and I needed to complete every task known to man.  By the way, I felt very accomplished and pretty darn pleased with myself on Sunday night. 

I knew it was going to be a hard week.  I was missing most of our “Back to School” meeting on Monday to attend my cousin’s funeral.  I also missed a whole afternoon of prep.  I would have to be super organized in order to be ready for open house on Wednesday night at 5.  Previous years I had spent days, maybe even weeks, during the summer working.  Not this year, so I already felt behind.  I also had a board meeting at the theatre on Tuesday night.  So my time was lacking.

Now here is where the “glitch” in my week really occurred.  Sunday night while I was sleeping, every time I rolled over I woke up spinning.  I could hardly stand up on Monday.  The world just kept spinning in circles.  I was suffering from vertigo.  I STUPIDLY drove myself to work Monday morning (causing me to get motion sickness and nausea.)   After the funeral I went to the doctor.  I had double ear infection and a sinus infection. 

It is really hard to work while the world spins around you. 

I have gotten through the week.  I have to be honest though, it was by the seat of my pants.  I haven’t established my classroom quite the way that I want it.  I haven’t kept up with my boys’ first week of school like I wanted. 

But it is over and Monday we start over.  With any luck my feet (and head) will be a little more firmly planted.  🙂


One thought on “So last weekend haunted me all week!

  1. Vertigo sucks! I hope you feel better! I know how it feels to be out of sorts–this is how I feel about my job right now. I only hope that it gets better, everyday is a new day!

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