Dead Like Me otherwise titled, “How to Sit on Your Butt for the Entire 3 Day Weekend”

My husband loves movies.  He loves getting movies and DVDs from the local library, often.  Me? Not so much.  We have this never ending tug of war.  He wants me to watch with him, but I want to work on the piles of work that keep accumulating around my house (theatre, school, church, kids, housework…the list goes on and on.) 

A few weeks ago he got the entire season of Freaks and Geeks.  I watched a few episodes, but that was it.  This weekend he brought home a movie with Val Kilmer and Robert Downey Jr.  I know he picked it out with me in mind.  Not that I would be drawn to the story line, but he knows as a teenager (OK and into adulthood) I really like both of those actors.  I could handle watching a movie. 

However Todd always goes excessive in the movie department.  He also brought home the entire first season of Dead Like Me.  We watched one episode on Friday and I was hooked.  Now, 15 episodes later, I’m smacking myself in the head.  I could have gotten so much done this weekend.  Yet I spent all of my “free” time watching this TV series.

Worst part?  I liked it.  I liked it a lot.  It was addictive.  I wanted to watch more and more.  If I had season two I would be watching it.  Oy!  I have a problem.

I have sworn Todd no more series.  I can do A movie here or there, but no more 15 hour marathons.  This was crazy.  (Obviously I loved the series, but I can’t encourage him.  🙂 )

I don’t think he understands why I am refusing now to watch the other movie.  Hmmm…


3 thoughts on “Dead Like Me otherwise titled, “How to Sit on Your Butt for the Entire 3 Day Weekend”

  1. GOOD FOR YOU! You needed a 3-day do-nothing marathon. This was good for your mind and your body (plus I’ll bet it helped the relationship a bit , too.). That said, I LOVE this series! It’s one of the ones Taed and I have watched (on DVD). I was very sucked into it as well. I watch it even now when I find it during channel surfing, even if I’ve seen the episode multiple times (love Mandy Patinkin!).

    Taed and I have had this same push-pull in the past. Taed gets movies every day in the mail to watch (first Blockbuster, now Netflix). Now, however, he’ll ask if I want to see it, then I decide yes, no, or if you watch it I won’t be bothered. I suspect he’s dealt with my wandering around the house doing laundry and such to know by now that I don’t sit well. In my case, though, it’s pretty easy to fold laundry while I watch TV since they’re on the same floor.

    Hey, maybe you guys should move the TV! 🙂
    Enjoy your day away and your mindless enjoyment. You’ve earned it.

  2. I have to chime in it wasn’t a weekend of no work. Friday we hosted the Honk Jr. cast reunion at the theater, where I ran into a couple of classmates whom Cassie talked to first in which they exlaimed “I can’t believe you’re married to Todd Lahmann” (I wasn’t sure how to take that one). After that we watched about 4 hrs. Saturday Cassie was at the theater, had lunch with Judy and had dinner with Julie from MN. I did dishes, tried to take my car to the shop, which was closed. Cassie got home at 8 and she watched 5 hrs.
    Sunday we went to clean James’s house because it is on the Riverbend tour of historic homes. It was a big job. People were getting a little cranky near the end at 6pm. Cassie watched 4 hrs I only made it 3. Monday we took a breather and watched the rest in the morning, taking a break to make banana fudge crepes, second to nutella banana crepes, or creeps as E calls ’em. Now go-carts and mini-golf and salsa fresca production.

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